Giridhar Dhatric

Lead Software Engineer(Microsoft Certified Azure Developer)

A software engineer who enjoys building applications and automating mundane tasks.
Phone: +919985960268
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Languages: Java, Python
Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, SAP-Hybris
Test Frameworks: Junit, REST Assured
Cloud Platforms: OpenShift, Azure
Databases: SQL Server, MongoDB
Build Tools: Ant, Maven

Versioning System: GIT, SVN

Professional Summary

  • Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience with web applications, E-Commerce, and cloud(Azure/OpenShift) based systems on Java and Spring boot stack for enterprise, consumer products, and services.
  • Expertise in working in all the phases of the engineering delivery cycle as an individual contributor and dev lead for POCs, design workshops, effort estimations, technical design, development, migration, production deployment, and support.
  • Experience in technical architecture with in-depth knowledge of microservices, distributed systems, restful APIs, enterprise systems, and software integrations.
  • Experience in Micro-services implementation- distributed authentication & authorization, open tracing, service discovery, client resiliency patterns, distributed monitoring. 
  • Experience using build tools (Maven), unit testing framework (Junit), and Messaging platforms (RabbitMQ). 
  • Experience with modern cloud stacks, and understanding of container tech (Docker, Kubernetes), and Devops. 
  • Experience in building highly scalable, distributed systems with the latest engineering practices and paradigms.
  • Good understanding of design patterns, test-driven development methodologies and industry-standard best practices. 
  • 3+ years of experience in working at diverse client locations (Canada, Hungary, Thailand, and Singapore)

Employment history

Lead Software Engineer, Blue Yonder. Hyderabad
Apr. 2021 – Present
  • Modernized ESO Food Preperation Service module on azure platform.
  • Build an Image service for Luminate Platform. 
Senior Software Engineer, Deloitte. Hyderabad
Mar. 2018 – Mar. 2021
  • Build an Auto Stock Replenishment module using microservice architecture.
  • Build an order subscription module. 
Software Engineer, Deloitte. Hyderabad
Mar. 2015 – Mar. 2018
  • Build a B2B commerce application for major Oil & Gas organization with various custom extensions like bulk order upload, order creation from template etc.
Software Engineer, Infosys. Hyderabad
Oct. 2011 – Feb. 2015
  • Build a B2C commerce application for a major Telecommunication client.
  • Supported a legacy payment gateway application.


Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Mar. 2011
Board of Intermediate Education, Hyderabad
High School Diploma, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Mar. 2007


Efforts were well recognized and conferred with appreciation mails from clients, project managers for work done in all the projects pursued. 
  • Outstanding award for the design and implementation of the auto stock replenishment module.  
  • Outstanding award for the implementation of a complex marine line of business in the ACE project.  
  • Applause award for the design and implementation of Single Touch Order. 
  • Applause award for the development of Auto Stock Replenishment in the span of 5 sprints. 
  • Spot award for automating Multi-Language support for Ecommerce Project. 
  • Bravo award in Infosys for the Next Generation Portal Project.  
  • Accreditations from the Project Manager, Client and many others in NGP Project. 

Projects Annexure

Deloitte, Hyderabad: 
Project: Customer System Transformation – Auto Stock Replenishment  
Client: Multinational Oil and Gas Company 
Role: Module Lead 
Role & Responsibilities: 
  • Developed microservice as part of ASR which predicts stock and sales forecast based on customer raw data. 
  • Added performance monitoring tool Prometheus and Grafana to an existing architecture.  
  • Implemented Modules: 
  • Data Transformation microservice 
  • Order Creation microservice 
Project: Customer System Transformation – Single Touch Order 
Client: Multinational Oil and Gas Company 
Role: Senior Software Engineer 
Role & Responsibilities: 
  • Develop a subscription and order microservice for recurring order creation. 
  • Create logical architecture, events flow and implement the design using Hybris, spring, Hibernate, and angular technology stack. 
  • Implemented Modules: 
  • Order API 
  • Subscription Module 
  • Holiday API 
Project: Advanced Customer Experience (Fuels, Marine) 
Client: Multinational Oil and Gas Company 
Role: Senior Software Engineer 
Role & Responsibilities: 
  • Develop technical design specifications 
  • Design/Enhance Hybris Data Model for new requirements.  
  • Interpreting complex technical design issues and to communicate effectively with architects, other business analysts, and designers 
  • Implemented Modules: 
  • Bulk order upload 
  • create order from the template 
  • Invoice History from Legacy system 
Project: Advanced Customer Experience (Lubes) 
Client: Multinational Oil and Gas Company 
Role: Software Engineer 
Modules: Order Management, Workflow, Search & WCMS Module 
Role & Responsibilities: 
  • Implement new requirements and enhancement of existing functionalities for lubes customers. 
  • Implement primary, secondary, and internal role-based access rights of customers. 
  • Implemented Modules: 
  • Primary user registration workflow 
  • Penetration/Security Fixes  
  • Site Minder Integration  
Infosys, Hyderabad: 
Project: Easy Mobile (Production Support and Enhancements) 
Client: Singapore Telecom  
Role: Software Engineer 
Modules: CQ/Hybris integration, Telco accelerator 
Scope: Ecommerce platform for Singapore telecom.                       
Role & Responsibilities: 
  • Identify and/or investigate defects and recommend necessary fixes. 
  • Impact analysis for new change requests. 
  • Implemented Modules: 
  • Data Archival 
  • Email notification of console errors 
  • Solr Cluster Customization 
Project: Next Generation Portal 
Client: Singapore Telecom  
Role: Software Engineer 
Modules: CQ/Hybris integration, Telco accelerator 
Scope: This project aimed at implementing Ecommerce platform for Singapore telecom.                       
Role & Responsibilities: 
  • Developed a module to import devices and accessories from the PRIMAS legacy system. 
  • Developed a module to import plans and add-ons from the SPC legacy system. 
  • Wrote cronjobs to sync data between PRIMAS/SPC and Hybris 
  • Implemented Modules: 
  • Email notification for abandoned cart 
  • Cart persistence 
  • SOLR grouping on variants. 
  • User SMS validation 
  • Device/Accessory Stock sync cronjob 
  • Product Approval Workflow 
Project: Billpay (Payment Gateway) 
Client: Telecom Major  
Role: Software Engineer 
Scope: Implementation of a unified payment gateway for a telecom major 
Role & Responsibilities: 
  • Migrated all batch jobs to the upgraded system. 
  • Tested the PCI-DSS module.